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October 20, 2017
Pentagon opens Niger ambush probe as new details emerge

Washington (AFP) Oct 19, 2017
US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis revealed new details of a Niger ambush that left four US servicemen dead, including that the body of one slain soldier was not immediately evacuated. Mattis's comments come as questions mount in the US media about what happened on October 4, and criticism over President Donald Trump's handling of the aftermath. The Pentagon boss said the body of Sergeant La David Johnson was "found later" by non-US forces following the ambush, which is thought to have been conduct ... read more

Climate-disrupting volcanoes helped topple ancient Egypt: study
Paris (AFP) Oct 17, 2017
Sun-choking debris cast off by volcanoes more than 2,000 years ago starved headwaters feeding the Nile river and hastened the downfall of ancient Egypt's last kingdom, researchers said Tuesday. ... more
Boko Haram raids military base in NE Nigeria: sources
Kano, Nigeria (AFP) Oct 16, 2017
Boko Haram jihadists have raided a military base in northeast Nigeria, killing one soldier and injuring nine others before seizing weapons and ammunition, security sources told AFP on Monday. ... more
African Petroleum shaky, but confident, about oil offshore West Africa
Washington (UPI) Oct 16, 2017
Some of the more promising oil basins off the coast of West Africa are close the point of pay off despite recent setbacks, African Petroleum said Monday. ... more
'Thirsty protests' hit Morocco over water shortages
Rabat (AFP) Oct 15, 2017
Residents angered by persistent water shortages in southern Morocco have taken to the streets in a series of "thirsty protests" that has grabbed the attention of the country's king. ... more
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Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review
Angola's First Satellite to Be Launched From Baikonur Spaceport Dec. 7
Moscow (Sputnik) Oct 10, 2017
Rocket and Space Corporation Energia's General Designer Yevgeniy Mikrin said that a Ukrainian-made Zenit carrier rocket, loaded with the AngoSat-1 satellite, built at Angola's request, will be launc ... more
Pangolin trade forces Ghana to look at new wildlife laws
Accra (AFP) Oct 12, 2017
Ghana is facing calls to update its laws on wildlife crime after fears the country has become a transit route for the illegal trade in pangolin scales. ... more
Scientists discover remains of an ancient bobcat-sized predator in Tanzania
Washington (UPI) Oct 11, 2017
Paleontologists have discovered a new species of extinct hyaenodont in Tanzania. The fossil offers new insights into the disappearance of hyaenodonts - once Africa's top predator - during the Paleogene. ... more
Chad extends key conservation area in national park
N'Djamena (AFP) Oct 11, 2017
Chad is to boost protection for a key haven for endangered wildlife in the south of the country under an agreement with a conservation group. ... more
New witness emerges over Rwandan genocide: French legal source
Paris (AFP) Oct 9, 2017
French judges have heard from a new witness who claims to have seen missiles allegedly used to kill former Rwandan president Juvenal Habyarimana, whose death sparked genocide in 1994, a source close to the case told AFP on Monday. ... more
Rwanda military uses torture to force confessions: HRW
Kigali (AFP) Oct 10, 2017
Rwanda's military has used asphyxiation, electric shock and mock executions to torture confessions out of detainees, Human Rights Watch said in a report published Tuesday. ... more

French supermajor Total places bet on offshore Guinea

At least 8 migrants drown as boat collides with navy vessel: Tunisia
Tunis (AFP) Oct 9, 2017
At least eight migrants drowned after their boat sank following a collision with a Tunisian navy vessel in the Mediterranean, the defence ministry said on Monday. ... more
International arbitration sought over Gambian oil licenses
Washington (UPI) Oct 18, 2017
After hinting of trouble earlier this week, African Petroleum said it was now pursuing legal routes to protect its assets off the coast of Gambia. ... more
Nigeria: Cooperation 'key' to defeating jihadists
Maiduguri, Nigeria (AFP) Oct 6, 2017
Greater international cooperation is required to defeat Boko Haram and neutralise the threat from the Islamist militants in Nigeria and beyond, military commanders and politicians said this week. ... more
Liberian women hold mass fast for peaceful elections
Monrovia (AFP) Oct 6, 2017
Dressed in identical printed skirts, a hundred Liberian women knelt in prayer after another long day in three weeks of fasting, appealing once more that their country be spared of violence. ... more

Little growth observed in India's methane emissions
Bristol UK (SPX) Oct 18, 2017
Methane is the second most powerful greenhouse gas and concentrations are rising in the atmosphere. Because of its potency and quick decay in the atmosphere, countries have recognised that reduction of methane emissions are a means toward mitigating global warming. In light of the new international climate agreement, the Paris Agreement, there is increasing need for countries to accurately ... more
Allahabad, India (AFP) Oct 15, 2017
India to close colonial-era military farms
Medio Purus Extractive Reserve, Brazil (AFP) Oct 15, 2017
Smallscale farmers try to solve Amazon's big problems
Brunswick NJ (SPX) Oct 10, 2017
Genetically boosting the nutritional value of corn could benefit millions
Wither heavy storms
Santa Barbara CA (SPX) Oct 18, 2017
The Colorado River tumbles through varied landscapes, draining watersheds from seven western states. This 1,450-mile-long system is a critical water supply for agriculture, industry and municipalities from Denver to Tijuana. In the drylands of the Colorado's lower basin, formed by Nevada, Arizona and California, thunderstorms - known in meteorological parlance as convective precipitation - ... more
Boston MA (SPX) Oct 18, 2017
Toward efficient high-pressure desalination
Washington DC (SPX) Oct 18, 2017
Active sieving could improve dialysis and water purification filters
Minneapolis MN (SPX) Oct 18, 2017
Clear lakes disguise impaired water quality
Geologic evidence is the forerunner of ominous prospects for a warming earth
Philadelphia PA (SPX) Oct 16, 2017
While strong seasonal hurricanes have devastated many of the Caribbean and Bahamian islands this year, geologic studies on several of these islands illustrate that more extreme conditions existed in the past. A new analysis published in Marine Geology shows that the limestone islands of the Bahamas and Bermuda experienced climate changes that were even more extreme than historical events. ... more
Berlin (AFP) Oct 11, 2017
'Plan B': Seven ways to engineer the climate
Washington (UPI) Oct 11, 2017
British government unveils green spending plans
Berlin (AFP) Oct 11, 2017
As Paris climate goals recede, geoengineering looms larger
Scientists create most powerful micro-scale bio-solar cell yet
Binghamton NY (SPX) Oct 18, 2017
Researchers at Binghamton University, State University of New York have created a micro-scale biological solar cell that generates a higher power density for longer than any existing cell of its kind. A microfluidic lab-on-a-chip system that generates its own power is essential for stand-alone, independent, self-sustainable point-of-care diagnostic devices to work in limited-resource and r ... more
Washington (UPI) Oct 16, 2017
Rooftop solar carving out a niche in China
Los Angeles CA (SPX) Oct 19, 2017
SCE monopoly abuse of power prompts the necessity of off-grid inventions
Thuwal, Saudi Arabia (SPX) Oct 18, 2017
Think laterally to sidestep production problems
Converting carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide using water, electricity
Chicago IL (SPX) Oct 16, 2017
Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis have determined how electrocatalysts can convert carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide using water and electricity. The discovery can lead to the development of efficient electrocatalysts for large scale production of synthesis gas - a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. "The electroche ... more
Styria, Austria (SPX) Oct 16, 2017
Breaking down stubborn cellulose
Leuven, Belgium (SPX) Oct 20, 2017
Separating methane and CO2 will become more efficient
Liverpool UK (SPX) Oct 09, 2017
Breakthrough in direct activation of CO2 and CH4 into liquid fuels and chemicals
Zurich Insurance sees $700 mln in hurricane claims in Q3
Zurich (AFP) Oct 19, 2017
Swiss group Zurich Insurance said Thursday it expects to receive around $700 million (595 million euros) in insurance claims related to hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria in the third quarter. Zurich Insurance Group said in a statement it "currently estimates aggregate claims in the third quarter of 2017 related to hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria ... to be approximately $700 million net of ... more
Mexico City (AFP) Oct 19, 2017
Mexicans pick up the pieces one month after quake
Utuado, Puerto Rico (AFP) Oct 19, 2017
Puerto Rico mostly in the dark one month after hurricane
Mexico City (AFP) Oct 18, 2017
Mexico quake hit rich and poor alike, but tragedies differ
DSI 4th Space Resiliency Summit November 28-29, 2017 Alexandria, VA
Oil prices retreat on Russian concerns about balance
Washington (UPI) Oct 19, 2017
A downbeat sentiment from a Russian oil boss on the trajectory for crude oil prices sent key benchmarks diving into negative territory early Thursday. Outside of the first week in October, crude oil prices have been holding steady in bullish territory for the better part of the third quarter. The rally is due in part to the effort by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to ... more
Washington (UPI) Oct 19, 2017
Wheatstone LNG a drag on Woodside Petroleum
Washington (UPI) Oct 19, 2017
Baghdad reminds oil companies that it's in charge
Washington (UPI) Oct 19, 2017
Oil States International expects revenue hit from Harvey
Hiring not part of Alibaba pledge to create US jobs
Laguna Beach, United States (AFP) Oct 17, 2017
Alibaba executive vice chairman Joseph Tsai said Tuesday he expects to boost US jobs by expanding the Chinese firm's e-commerce platform - not by hiring American workers. Tsai, speaking at a California tech conference, made the comments to follow up on a headline-grabbing pledge earlier this year by Alibaba founder Jack Ma and US President Donald Trump that the Chinese internet firm would c ... more
Beijing (AFP) Oct 18, 2017
China's Xi vows open economy, investors want action
Washington (AFP) Oct 13, 2017
US inflation jumps in the wake of Hurricane Harvey
Beijing (AFP) Oct 18, 2017
Xi says China 'will not close its doors to the world'
Huge Australia-bound cocaine haul siezed by French navy
Sydney (AFP) Aug 4, 2017
A massive cocaine haul bound for Australia in the hull of a yacht has been intercepted by the French navy in the Pacific, officials said on Friday. The 1.46 tonnes of the drug with an estimated street value of Aus$322 million (US$256 million) was seized in the South Pacific and four crew members, believed to be Lithuanian and Latvian nationals, arrested. The vessel "Afalina", which set s ... more
Jakarta (AFP) Aug 1, 2017
Indonesia to deport 153 Chinese for $450 million scam
Washington (AFP) June 28, 2017
US lists China among worst human trafficking offenders
Bangkok (AFP) June 1, 2017
Golden Triangle narco-gangs churning out new highs, UN warns
A kite that might fly
Thuwal, Saudi Arabia (SPX) Oct 18, 2017
The notion of tethered wind turbines that generate electricity from abundant and reliable high-altitude winds seems futuristic. Now, KAUST research led by Georgiy Stenchikov has identified the most favorable areas for high-altitude wind-energy systems in the Middle East. The results confirm that there is abundant wind energy up there that could feasibly be harnessed, bringing the possibili ... more
Edinburgh (AFP) Oct 18, 2017
First floating wind farm starts operation in Scotland
Canberra, Australia (SPX) Oct 20, 2017
Construction to begin on $160 million Industry Leading Hybrid Renewable Energy Project
Washington (UPI) Oct 17, 2017
Scotland outreach to Canada yields wind energy investment
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
Chile penguins win battle in war against mine
La Higuera, Chile (AFP) Oct 13, 2017
They may be less than a meter tall but they have conquered a Goliath: Chile's vulnerable Humboldt penguins have thwarted - for now at least - a billion dollar mining project in one of the country's most depressed regions. The rare species is only found on the coasts of Peru and Chile, which has created the National Humboldt Penguin Reserve - but it's also an area rich in natural resources ... more
Moscow (AFP) Oct 16, 2017
'Hungry bear' crisis grips far east Russian region
Nijmegen, Netherlands (SPX) Oct 20, 2017
Three-quarters of the total insect population lost in protected nature reserves
Atlanta GA (SPX) Oct 18, 2017
Navigational view of the brain thanks to powerful X-rays
Warning for China as US hails India 'partnership'
Washington (AFP) Oct 19, 2017
The United States vowed Wednesday to work with India in preference to China over the next century to promote a "free and open" Asia-Pacific region led by prosperous democracies. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson delivered his unexpectedly sharp message to Beijing on the same day President Xi Jinping opened the Communist Party congress. His upbeat speech was designed to set the stage for a ... more
Washington (UPI) Oct 18, 2017
Nominee for CIA inspector general grilled over retaliation claims
Beijing (AFP) Oct 18, 2017
Xi declares 'new era' for China as party congress opens
Beijing (AFP) Oct 18, 2017
Xi is everywhere: China's omnipresent leader
Primate study offers insights into relationship between of jealousy and monogamy
Washington (UPI) Oct 19, 2017
The origins of jealousy and the evolutionary significance of the emotion are difficult to parse, especially in humans. But new analysis of jealousy among primates has offered scientists fresh insights into the neurobiology behind the powerful emotion. The latest research suggests the emotion triggers an increase in neural activity among parts of the primate brain associated with social ... more
Washington (UPI) Oct 16, 2017
Genome of a 40,000-year-old man in China reveals region's complex human history
New York NY (SPX) Oct 16, 2017
New study suggests that last common ancestor of humans and apes was smaller than thought
Washington (UPI) Oct 18, 2017
Duplications of noncoding DNA could help explain human-primate split
US strategy sees Raqa fall but leaves Kurds in lurch
Washington (AFP) Oct 17, 2017
The fall of the Islamic State group's last bastion in Syria was a victory for Washington's military plan, but comes as the US political strategy for the region seems to stumble. Even as US-backed Kurdish fighters raised their flags over the shattered heart of Raqa, their brethren in Iraq were in retreat, abandoning oil-rich territory to Iraqi forces. The power shift shows that, while US ... more
(UPI) Oct 17, 2017
IS 'death spiral' most dangerous part of fight for US coalition
Kano, Nigeria (AFP) Oct 16, 2017
Boko Haram raids military base in NE Nigeria: sources
Manila (AFP) Oct 16, 2017
Top Philippine Islamist militant Hapilon killed: defence chief
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Tropical tree roots represent an underappreciated carbon pool
Panama City, Panama (SPX) Oct 18, 2017
Ask someone to draw a tree and s/he will invariably draw a trunk and branches - leaving the roots out of the picture. In a unique study of tropical tree roots at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute published in PLOS ONE, roots accounted for almost 30 percent of the total biomass of young trees. The authors hope that future estimates of carbon storage and water-use by tropical forests wil ... more
Medio Purus Extractive Reserve, Brazil (AFP) Oct 13, 2017
Conservation cutbacks put Brazil's Amazon animals at risk
Miami (AFP) Oct 16, 2017
More trees, better farming could slash carbon emissions: study
Woods Hole MA (SPX) Oct 09, 2017
Carbon feedback from forest soils will accelerate global warming
Navy to commission 14th Virginia-class submarine
Washington (UPI) Oct 5, 2017
The Navy's 14th Virginia-class fast attack submarine will be commissioned into service on Saturday in Virginia. The Navy said Thomas Dee, performing the duties of the Under Secretary of the Navy, will preside over the ceremony for the future USS Washington at Norfolk Naval Station. "The future USS Washington is among the most technologically advanced platforms in the world," Dee ... more
Washington (UPI) Oct 11, 2017
Navy officers fired over 'preventable' USS McCain collision
Washington (UPI) Oct 5, 2017
Leonardo to provide new communications software for Australian submarines
Washington (UPI) Oct 5, 2017
BAE Systems to support Queen Elizabeth carriers
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