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24/7 Africa News Coverage
April 26, 2017
Nature: 3-D-printing of glass now possible

Karlsruher, Germany (SPX) Apr 24, 2017
Glass is one of mankind's oldest materials. It was used as far back as in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome and has found a place now also in manufacturing technology of the 21st century. An interdisciplinary team at the KIT led by mechanical engineer Dr. Bastian E. Rapp developed a process using glass for additive manufacturing techniques. The scientists mix nanoparticles of high-purity quartz glass and a small quantity of liquid polymer and allow this mixture to be cured by light at specific points ... read more

Danish Martian Experts Get Their Hands on a Piece of 'Black Beauty'
Copenhagen (Sputnik) Apr 24, 2017
Humans have yet to set foot on Mars, but meteorites have been, by far, the most frequent visitors from outer space on Earth. Recently, one which has been dubbed "Black Beauty" landed in the hands of ... more
Nations team up to protect ancient heritage from terrorism
Athens (AFP) April 24, 2017
Ten countries formed a new group Monday aimed at protecting ancient heritage from extremism of the kind that saw the Islamic State group lay waste to Syria's historic Palmyra. ... more
US Defense Secretary Mattis visits strategic Djibouti
Djibouti (AFP) April 24, 2017
US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis urged France to continue its fight against terror in Africa on Sunday as he visited Djibouti, a strategic Horn of Africa nation which hosts Washington's only permanent military base on the continent. ... more
The formation of gold deposits in South Africa
Kiel, Germany (SPX) Apr 24, 2017
At a first glance, the Witwatersrand basin, the largest known gold resource on our planet, is not automatically related to ocean research. However, in its 3 billion years old geological history, the ... more
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Human 2 Mars Conference May 9-11 2017 - Washington DC
Directed Energy And Next Generation Munitions - 26-28 June - Washington DC
27 th Space Cryogenics Workshop - July 5-7, 2017 - Oak Brook, Illinois
InterDrone 2017 Las Vegas - Sept 6-8
Tempur-Pedic Mattress Comparison & Memory Foam Mattress Review
Top conservationist wounded in Kenya gun attack
Nairobi (AFP) April 23, 2017
Italian-born conservationist and writer Kuki Gallmann was shot and seriously wounded Sunday while patrolling her conservation park in central Kenya, a region plagued by violence linked to a drought. ... more
US pushes UN to again consider arms embargo on South Sudan
United Nations, United States (AFP) April 25, 2017
The United States on Tuesday urged the divided UN Security Council to back an arms embargo and sanctions against South Sudan after the UN envoy reported that the war there is worsening. ... more
Gambia's race to save its 'Roots' on Kunta Kinteh island
Kunta Kinteh Island, Gambia (AFP) April 21, 2017
As the rebel slave who defied his captors, Kunta Kinte, immortalised in print and on screen in "Roots", put The Gambia on the map for historical tourism. ... more
Morocco, US stage joint military exercise
Rabat (AFP) April 22, 2017
Moroccan and US forces are among nearly 1,300 troops from across the world taking part in a major military exercise in southern Morocco, the American embassy and military officials said. ... more
Dutch court jails Charles Taylor arms-supplier for 19 years
The Hague (AFP) April 21, 2017
A Dutch court on Friday sentenced a businessman to 19 years in prison for arms trafficking and aiding war crimes in Liberia and Guinea by armed forces of ex-Liberian leader Charles Taylor. ... more
Pentagon chief pledges support for Egypt's Sisi
Cairo (AFP) April 20, 2017
US Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis met Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and top brass in Cairo on Thursday, pledging support for the American ally on his first regional tour. ... more

South Sudan war strains Uganda's generous refugee policy

Suspected meningitis epidemic kills 745 in Nigeria
Abuja (AFP) April 19, 2017
A meningitis outbreak in Nigeria has killed 745 people, an increase of more than 50 percent in barely a week, officials said Wednesday, sounding the alarm over the feared epidemic. ... more
Key leopard population 'crashing', study warns
Paris, France (AFP) April 19, 2017
The leopard population in a region of South Africa once thick with the big cats is crashing, and could be wiped out within a few years, scientists warned Wednesday. ... more
Endangered species poached in protected areas: WWF
Geneva (AFP) April 18, 2017
Illegal poaching, logging and fishing of sometimes critically endangered species is taking place in nearly half of the world's most protected natural sites, environmental campaigners WWF warned Tuesday. ... more
Invading 'rat of the sky' irks Algerians
Algiers (AFP) April 13, 2017
"It's not a bird, it's a rat - and it's squatting on my terrace," Ali says of his new neighbour, a yellow-legged gull - a pest ubiquitous in the Algerian capital. ... more

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A novel form of iron for fortification of foods
Zurich, Switzerland (SPX) Apr 26, 2017
Around 1.2 billion people worldwide suffer from iron deficiency, with women worse affected than men. In Europe, one in five women around the age of 20 suffers from iron deficiency. Typical symptoms include diminished work performance, fatigue, anaemia and headaches. Boosting iron levels through the diet or supplements is tricky, as the iron must be in a form that the body is able to absorb ... more
Ithaca NY (SPX) Apr 24, 2017
New data unearths pesticide peril in beehives
Beijing, China (SPX) Apr 24, 2017
Climatic effect of irrigation over the Yellow River basin
Stanford CA (SPX) Apr 24, 2017
A better way to predict the environmental impacts of agricultural production
Humans threaten 'fossil' groundwater: study
Vienna (AFP) April 25, 2017
Human activity risks contaminating pristine water stockpiled deep underground since the age of the mammoths, said a study Tuesday that warns of a looming threat to a critical life source. So-called "fossil" groundwater - more than 12,000 years old - trickled into sub-surface aquifers long before it could be tarnished by pollution from farming and factory chemicals. Generally stored at ... more
Bloomington IN (SPX) Apr 24, 2017
Research sheds new light on forces that threaten sensitive coastlines
Mexico City (AFP) April 26, 2017
In Mexico City, water a rare commodity
Karlovac, Croatia (AFP) April 19, 2017
Croatian rivers face hydroelectric peril
UNEP chief confident US will not ditch Paris climate deal
United Nations, United States (AFP) April 24, 2017
The UN's environment chief is confident that the United States will not pull out of the Paris climate deal and expects a decision from Washington next month. Erik Solheim told AFP in an interview on Monday that even if the United States withdraws, China and the European Union will step in and take the lead to implement the global agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. "I am conf ... more
New Delhi (AFP) April 24, 2017
Indian minister ridiculed as bizarre drought plot backfires
Washington (AFP) April 22, 2017
In Washington, the economic world meets Trump climate skepticism
Paris (AFP) April 21, 2017
Proposed cuts in US climate science reverberate worldwide
Indian Space Agency Comes Up With an App Indicating Solar Power Potential
New Delhi (Sputnik) Apr 26, 2017
The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has developed an Android app that will show the solar potential of a given location in any part of the country. The app was developed to support the clean energy target of generating 175,000 MW power through non-fossil fuel energy. The computation of solar energy potential is essential for selecting locations for solar photovoltaic (PV) thermal ... more
London, UK (SPX) Apr 26, 2017
Ancala and Anesco deploy large scale battery at UK solar farm
Orlando FL (SPX) Apr 26, 2017
Scientist invents way to trigger artificial photosynthesis to clean air
Golden CO (SPX) Apr 26, 2017
Experts outline pathway for generating up to 10 terawatts of power from sunlight by 2030
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Caterpillar found to eat shopping bags, suggesting biodegradable solution to plastic pollution
Cambridge, UK (SPX) Apr 26, 2017
Scientists have found that a caterpillar commercially bred for fishing bait has the ability to biodegrade polyethylene: one of the toughest and most used plastics, frequently found clogging up landfill sites in the form of plastic shopping bags. The wax worm, the larvae of the common insect Galleria mellonella, or greater wax moth, is a scourge of beehives across Europe. In the wild, the w ... more
Washington DC (SPX) Apr 20, 2017
Degradable electronic components created from corn starch
Paris (AFP) April 24, 2017
The Very Hungry Caterpillar joins fight against plastic pollution
Tokyo, Japan (SPX) Apr 26, 2017
Photosynthesis in the dark Unraveling the mystery of algae evolution
Japan disaster minister to resign over quake gaffe: reports
Tokyo (AFP) April 25, 2017
Japan's disaster reconstruction minister is expected to resign on Wednesday following his controversial remarks over the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, in a setback for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, local media reported. Masahiro Imamura plans to submit his resignation to Abe Wednesday morning, national broadcaster NHK said late Tuesday, adding that Abe had already decided to appoint Masayoshi Yo ... more
Rasuwa, Nepal (AFP) April 25, 2017
The Nepal quake survivors who can never go home
Seoul (AFP) April 24, 2017
Rights group urges China to release N. Korean refugees
Luxembourg (SPX) Apr 21, 2017
SES Launches Rapid Response Vehicle for Defence, Security and Humanitarian Missions
Baker Hughes sees chance of mid-2017 rebound
Washington (UPI) Apr 25, 2017
Industry headwinds remain in some business segments because the global oil and gas sector hasn't fully recovered from 2016, Baker Hughes reported. The company has reported steady gains in North American exploration and production figures, released as weekly rig counts. Spending on exploration and production plummeted last year after crude oil prices collapsed to below $30 per barrel, bu ... more
Washington (UPI) Apr 25, 2017
Volatility concerns bruise crude oil prices
Washington (UPI) Apr 25, 2017
Amec Foster Wheeler signals trouble ahead
Washington (UPI) Apr 25, 2017
British company Petrofrac lands $70 million contract in Iraq
Canada's Trudeau says will stand up to Trump on trade
Ottawa (AFP) April 25, 2017
Canada will respond firmly to Donald Trump, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Tuesday after the United States announced new tariffs on its softwood and vowed to also target Canadian milk. "I'm polite, but I'm also very firm in defending Canada's interests," Trudeau said in an interview with broadcaster CTV. After targeting Canadian lumber Monday, the US president threatened retaliation ... more
Tokyo (AFP) April 20, 2017
Japan's exports jump in March
Juigalpa, Nicaragua (AFP) April 23, 2017
Police block farmers' protest against planned Nicaragua canal
Washington (AFP) April 20, 2017
Trump invokes national security to probe US steel imports
MILSATCOM 2017 - 26/27 April, 2017 Colorado Springs
Indian, Chinese navies rescue ship hijacked by Somali pirates
New Delhi (AFP) April 9, 2017
The navies of India and China carried out a joint operation Sunday to rescue a merchant ship hijacked by Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden, the Indian defence ministry said. After receiving a distress call on Saturday night, the Indian warships established contact with the captain of the merchant vessel who had locked himself in a strong room along with the rest of the Filipino crew. " ... more
Manila (AFP) Feb 8, 2017
Philippines seeks US, China help to combat sea pirates
Norwegian company envisions wind energy role for oil production
Washington (UPI) Apr 19, 2017
A Norwegian energy company said it was moving to the next phase of testing for a project that would use wind power to facilitate offshore oil production. DNV GL is leading a joint research project that includes the Norwegian Research Council, the regional subsidiary of Italian energy company ENI and U.S. supermajor Exxon Mobil as its partners. The partnership is testing whether or not w ... more
Washington (UPI) Apr 18, 2017
Oklahoma to end tax credits for wind energy
Washington (UPI) Apr 11, 2017
German power company examining new wind energy options.
Washington (UPI) Apr 6, 2017
Canada sees emerging role for wind energy
Human 2 Mars Conference May 9-11 2017 - Washington DC
How Venus flytrap triggers digestion
Wurzburg, Germany (SPX) Apr 24, 2017
Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) is a carnivorous plant. Catching its prey, mainly insects, with a trapping structure formed by its leaves, the plants' glands secrete an enzyme to decompose the prey and take up the nutrients released. Although postulated since Darwin's pioneering studies, these secretory events have not been measured and analysed until now: An international team of resear ... more
Tomsk, Russia (SPX) Apr 24, 2017
Mammoths suffered from diseases that are typical for people
Wurzburg, Germany (SPX) Apr 20, 2017
Ants rescue their injured
Washington (UPI) Apr 20, 2017
Can coyotes fill the ecological gaps left by lost wolf populations?
US sends stealth fighters to Russia's backyard for NATO drills
Amari, Estonia (AFP) April 25, 2017
Two of the US Air Force's most advanced warplanes, F-35 stealth fighters, landed for the first time in Estonia on Tuesday for exercises in the small NATO state amid tensions with neighbouring Russia. The move was seen by Estonian defence officials as a gesture underscoring Washington's commitment to its NATO partners. Rhetoric by US President Donald Trump, who called NATO "obsolete" shor ... more
Stockholm (AFP) April 23, 2017
Russia boosts military spending despite sanctions: study
Washington (AFP) April 24, 2017
Russia flies multiple bomber missions near Alaska: Pentagon
Tokyo (AFP) April 23, 2017
US warship in west Pacific for Japan navy drills
InterDrone 2017 Las Vegas - Sept 6-8
Indonesian hobbit evolved from African ancestor
Washington (UPI) Apr 21, 2017
New analysis of the remains of Flores man - the most complete Homo floresiensis specimen - suggests the Indonesian "hobbits" evolved from an African relative, not from Homo erectus. Homo erectus is the only other hominid species found on the islands of Indonesia, but the latest research suggests H. floresiensis and H. erectus belong to separate lineages. "The analyses show that ... more
Washington (UPI) Apr 19, 2017
Neuroscientists measure 'higher' state of consciousness
Washington DC (SPX) Apr 10, 2017
Putting social science modeling through its paces
Washington (UPI) Apr 10, 2017
Science says: Let a stranger pick your profile picture
Nations team up to protect ancient heritage from terrorism
Athens (AFP) April 24, 2017
Ten countries formed a new group Monday aimed at protecting ancient heritage from extremism of the kind that saw the Islamic State group lay waste to Syria's historic Palmyra. Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Greece, Italy, China, India, Bolivia, Mexico and Peru - all home to some of the world's most cherished archaeological sites - have signed up to the "forum" launched in Athens by ministers and ambas ... more
Washington (AFP) April 21, 2017
US forces kill IS leader blamed for nightclub attack
Washington (UPI) Apr 17, 2017
New system to destroy chemical warfare agents announced
Baghdad (AFP) April 13, 2017
Anti-IS strike rules unchanged under Trump: general
Application of statistical method shows promise mitigating climate change effects on pine
Alexandria VA (SPX) Apr 24, 2017
Confronting evidence that the global climate is changing rapidly relative to historical trends, researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a new statistical model that, when applied to the loblolly pine tree populations in the southeastern United States, will benefit forest landowners and the forest industry in future decades. The research, titled "Optimal Seed Deployment Unde ... more
Halle, Belgium (AFP) April 22, 2017
Belgium's 'fairytale' bluebell forest victim of own beauty
Corvallis OR (SPX) Apr 13, 2017
Greenhouse gas effect caused by mangrove forest conversion is quite significant
Stanford CA (SPX) Apr 10, 2017
Stanford study explores risk of deforestation as agriculture expands in Africa
Thai junta defends 'cheap' $393 mn Chinese sub purchase
Bangkok (AFP) April 25, 2017
The Thai junta on Tuesday defended $393 million earmarked for a Chinese submarine, batting back criticism of the secrecy of the deal, its cost and the questionable utility of the warship. The submarine sale is the latest defence deal between Beijing and Bangkok, who have grown ever closer since Thailand's 2014 coup. Historically the Southeast Asian kingdom has been a major purchaser of w ... more
Washington (UPI) Apr 21, 2017
Construction begins for U.K's 5th Offshore Patrol Vessel
Washington (UPI) Apr 20, 2017
Damen prepares training vessel for Australian navy
Manila (AFP) April 21, 2017
Philippines' Duterte tours Russian warship

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