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December 17, 2017
'Dragon back' as cargo reaches space station

Miami (AFP) Dec 17, 2017
SpaceX's unmanned Dragon cargo ship arrived on Sunday at the International Space Station, carrying supplies and experiments for the astronauts in orbit. "Capture confirmed," a NASA commentator said at 5:57 am (10:57 GMT), when the space station's robotic arm, operated by one of its astronauts, attached itself to the cargo ship as it floated over Australia and Papua New Guinea. "It's a great day to see Dragon back at ISS again," said another NASA commentator. The recycled spaceship blasted of ... read more

Sahel force funding shows Saudi 'serious' on terrorism fight: analysts
Paris (AFP) Dec 15, 2017
Saudi Arabia's hefty donation to a new anti-terror force in west Africa's Sahel region is a conspicuous attempt by Riyadh to show it is serious about fighting extremism, analysts say. ... more
Two Danish nationals wounded in Gabon knife attack
Libreville (AFP) Dec 16, 2017
Two Danish nationals were wounded Saturday in a knife attack in Gabon's capital apparently committed in retribution for "US attacks against Muslims", a minister said. ... more
Nigerian soldier sentenced to death for killing civilians
Kano, Nigeria (AFP) Dec 15, 2017
A Nigerian military court on Friday sentenced a soldier to death for killing five civilians rescued from Boko Haram. ... more
Facing dissent from abroad, Ethiopia turns to spyware
Addis Ababa (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
As soon as Ethiopian opposition activist Henok Gabisa read the email, he knew something was not right. ... more
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Nigerian soldiers warned after Boko Haram attack
Kano, Nigeria (AFP) Dec 14, 2017
Nigerian troops fighting Boko Haram were on Thursday put on high alert after four military vehicles went missing during a raid on an army post in the restive northeast. ... more
Fortified by family and China cash, Cambodia's strongman digs in
Phnom Penh (AFP) Dec 14, 2017
Secured by family and party ties, Chinese cash and his own ruthless political instincts, Cambodian strongman Hun Sen has taken a wrecking ball to the kingdom's fragile democracy in a campaign to extend his 32-year rule. ... more
Draken International to buy surplus South African fighters
Washington (UPI) Dec 12, 2017
South Africa's state-owned defense company, Denel SOC Ltd., is selling 12 surplus Cheetah fighter jets to Draken International, a U.S.-based tactical fighter training company. ... more
Dutch want arms dealer's extradition after S.Africa arrest
The Hague (AFP) Dec 8, 2017
Dutch prosecutors are requesting the extradition of convicted Dutch arms dealer Guus Kouwenhoven, arrested in South Africa on Friday, to serve a 19-year sentence for his role in Liberia's bloody civil war. ... more
UN gives green light on Russia arms to C. Africa
United Nations, United States (AFP) Dec 16, 2017
Russia has been authorized to provide the Central African Republic's armed forces with light arms, under an exemption to an arms embargo on the country granted by the UN, diplomatic sources said Friday. ... more
US, Britain, France seek details on Russian arms to C. Africa
United Nations, United States (AFP) Dec 13, 2017
The United States, Britain and France on Wednesday asked that a Russian request to send light arms to the Central African Republic be put on hold as they seek more information on the shipments, diplomats said. ... more

Cairo, Moscow sign contract for Egypt's first nuclear plant

Boko Haram tries to take over military base in NE Nigeria
Kano, Nigeria (AFP) Dec 13, 2017
Boko Haram fighters battled Nigerian soldiers for about an hour on Wednesday as they tried to take over a military base, in the latest attack against troops in the restive northeast. ... more
Gulf pours 130mn euros into Sahel anti-jihadist force
Paris (AFP) Dec 13, 2017
Oil-rich Gulf countries pledged 130 million euros Wednesday towards fighting jihadists in West Africa's Sahel region, as French President Emmanuel Macron hosted leaders in a bid to boost a fledgling five-nation military force. ... more
US air strike destroys vehicle bomb outside Mogadishu
Washington (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
US forces in Somalia conducted an air strike Tuesday against a bomb-laden vehicle outside Mogadishu that was deemed an "imminent threat" to the capital, officials said. ... more
Russia asks UN for green light to send arms to C. Africa
United Nations, United States (AFP) Dec 13, 2017
Russia has asked the UN Security Council for permission to supply light arms and ammunition to the struggling armed forces of the Central African Republic beginning next week, according to a request obtained by AFP on Tuesday. ... more

How much soil goes get washed down the drain
Basel, Switzerland (SPX) Dec 18, 2017
According to a new study by the University of Basel, the European Commission - Joint Research Centre and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH, UK), almost 36 billion tons of soil is lost every year due to water, and deforestation and other changes in land use make the problem worse. The study also offers ideas on how agriculture can change to become a part of the solution from being part of ... more
Driffield, United Kingdom (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
In food waste fight, Brits turn bread into beer
Cincinnati OH (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
Archaeologist says fire, not corn, key to prehistoric survival in arid Southwest
Trondheim, Norway (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
Meadows beat out shrubs when it comes to storing carbon
New mechanism to explain how El Nino influences East Asian and WN Pacific climate
Beijing, China (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Western North Pacific anomalous anticyclone (WNPAC, or referred to as Philippine Sea anomalous anticyclone) is the most important anomalous circulation pattern connecting El Nin~o and East Asian-western North Pacific monsoon. WNPAC begins from the El Nin~o mature winter to the following summer and thus is one of the most long-lasting anomalous circulation patterns over the entire tropical ... more
Boston MA (SPX) Dec 13, 2017
Researchers establish long-sought source of ocean methane
Washington (UPI) Dec 13, 2017
Sea levels will rise, but scientists not sure how high
Washington DC (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Southern Ocean drives massive bloom of tiny phytoplankton
'We're losing the battle', Macron tells Paris climate talks
Paris (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
French President Emmanuel Macron issued a stark warning on climate change at a summit in Paris on Tuesday, telling world leaders "we are losing the battle" against global warming. "We're not moving fast enough, that's the problem," Macron told the One Planet Summit called to boost the 2015 Paris climate accord, which US President Donald Trump has renounced. "We must all act because we wi ... more
Paris (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
Investors turn back on fossil fuels at Paris climate summit
Paris (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
Leaders join France's Macron to discuss climate cash crunch
Columbus OH (SPX) Dec 05, 2017
Researchers pin down one source of a potent greenhouse gas
Guanidinium stabilizes perovskite solar cells at 19 percent efficiency
Lausanne, Switzerland (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
With the power-conversion efficiency of silicon solar cells plateauing around 25%, perovskites are now ideally placed to become the market's next generation of photovoltaics. In particular, organic-inorganic lead halide perovskites offer manufacturing versatility that can potentially translate into much higher efficiency: studies have already shown photovoltaic performances above 20% acros ... more
Uncha Amirpur, India (AFP) Dec 10, 2017
India faces painful move to cleaner energy
Warwick UK (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
Solar power advances possible with new 'double-glazing' device
Washington (UPI) Dec 14, 2017
U.S. solar power group says it sees headwinds ahead
Bristol scientists turn beer into fuel
Bristol UK (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
Chemists at the University of Bristol have made the first steps towards making sustainable petrol using beer as a key ingredient. It is commonly accepted that there is an urgent need for sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels for transportation to replace diesel and petrol. One of the most widely used sustainable alternatives to petrol world-wide is bioethanol - in the United State ... more
Golden CO (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
NREL develops novel method to produce renewable acrylonitrile
Edinburgh UK (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
Algae could feed and fuel planet with aid of new high-tech tool
Golden CO (SPX) Dec 13, 2017
NREL research finds a sweet spot for engineering better cellulose-degrading enzymes
World leaders in Paris seek cash for climate crunc
Paris (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
World leaders met in Paris Tuesday seeking to unlock more money to drive the global economy's shift to green energy, exactly two years after signing a global pact to avert worst-case-scenario global warming. Without trillions of dollars invested in clean energy technology, the Paris Agreement's goal to keep global warming below two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) over pre-industrial ... more
Paris (AFP) Dec 12, 2017
Leaders needed to fix global 'mess', says Kofi Annan
Fajardo, Puerto Rico (AFP) Dec 13, 2017
Storm-hit Puerto Rico starving for tourists
Buffalo NY (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
New mapping technique can help fight extreme poverty
The Last Free American Board Game
Oil prices inch up ahead of rig counts
Washington (UPI) Dec 15, 2017
A very quiet day on Friday saw the price for crude oil gain modest ground as the United Nations warns of possible trouble in northern Iraq. The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights said Friday it had serious concerns about stability in northern Salah al-Din province, where residential areas were bombed by unknown forces. The commission said tensions in the region, despite recent libe ... more
Washington (UPI) Dec 15, 2017
Higher costs not discouraging holiday travel this year
Washington (UPI) Dec 14, 2017
Stand-still economy, market balance timeline send oil prices lower
Washington (UPI) Dec 15, 2017
Operating costs lower, output higher off the British coast
Britain, China speed up bid to link stock markets
Beijing (AFP) Dec 16, 2017
China and Britain look forward to a "new period of historic opportunity" to deepen cooperation post-Brexit, officials said Saturday, as they accelerated plans to connect the London and Shanghai stock markets. Visiting British finance minister Philip Hammond has been cozying up to Beijing, with the relationship between the two countries growing in importance as the UK contemplates its economi ... more
Marseille (AFP) Dec 13, 2017
Sweet victory: French candymakers win China legal war
Tokyo (AFP) Dec 15, 2017
Japan firm says it will pay part of salaries in Bitcoin
Beijing (AFP) Dec 8, 2017
China exports surge in November as trade tensions flare
Huge Australia-bound cocaine haul siezed by French navy
Sydney (AFP) Aug 4, 2017
A massive cocaine haul bound for Australia in the hull of a yacht has been intercepted by the French navy in the Pacific, officials said on Friday. The 1.46 tonnes of the drug with an estimated street value of Aus$322 million (US$256 million) was seized in the South Pacific and four crew members, believed to be Lithuanian and Latvian nationals, arrested. The vessel "Afalina", which set s ... more
Jakarta (AFP) Aug 1, 2017
Indonesia to deport 153 Chinese for $450 million scam
Washington (AFP) June 28, 2017
US lists China among worst human trafficking offenders
Construction to start on $160 million Kennedy Energy Park in North Queensland
Canberra, Australia (SPX) Dec 13, 2017
Construction of the first utility-scale wind, solar and storage hybrid generator connected to the national electricity network is set to start near Hughenden in North West Queensland. The first sod of soil will be turned at a ceremony on Monday 11 December. The ceremony marks the start of work on the innovative $160 million Kennedy Park Energy developed by Windlab Limited - Australia's int ... more
Washington (UPI) Dec 14, 2017
Oil-rich Alberta sees momentum for wind energy
Washington (UPI) Nov 30, 2017
U.S. wind turbines getting taller and more efficient
Washington (UPI) Nov 22, 2017
New wind farm in service off the British coast
International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2018 - March 27-28 - Atlanta USA
Australian lizards are eating the eggs of endangered loggerhead turtles
Washington (UPI) Dec 14, 2017
Feral foxes are no longer the archenemies of would-be loggerhead turtle moms at the second biggest nesting beach in northeast Australia. The title now belongs to the yellow-spotted goanna. Over the last few decades, scientists have observed the Australia lizard develop a taste for the eggs of the endangered loggerhead turtle. Goannas now frequently raid turtle nests on the Queensland ne ... more
Los Angeles CA (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Scientists reveal rules for making ribs
Atlanta GA (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
When physics gives evolution a leg up by breaking one
Kuala Lumpur (AFP) Dec 15, 2017
Pangolin traffickers opening up new routes: study
Trump signs $700B defense budget into law
Washington (UPI) Dec 12, 2017
President Donald Trump signed the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act into law, a $700 billion defense budget that seeks to increase military spending and operational capabilities. The provisions in the 2018 NDAA includes measures like the establishment of a new U.S. Space Corps as a separate military service within the Department of the Air Force by 2019 and increases the totality ... more
Beijing (AFP) Dec 15, 2017
China dismisses 'hype' over S. China Sea military buildup
Brussels (AFP) Dec 14, 2017
EU launches defence pact it calls 'bad news for enemies'
Brussels (AFP) Dec 13, 2017
NATO to complete move to new billion euro HQ by mid-June
Primordial mutation helps explain origin of some organs in vertebrates
Madrid, Spain (SPX) Dec 18, 2017
A neutral genetic mutation - a fluke in the evolutionary process that had no apparent biological purpose - that appeared over 700 million years ago in biological evolution could help explain the origin of complex organs and structures in human beings and other vertebrates, according to an article published in Nature Communications by a team led by CRG group leader Manuel Irimia, university profe ... more
London UK (SPX) Dec 12, 2017
Scientists show how Himalayan rivers influenced ancient Indus civilization settlements
Washington (UPI) Dec 8, 2017
Scientists revamp 'Out of Africa' model of early human migration
Copenhagen, Denmark (SPX) Dec 11, 2017
Archaeologists revise chronology of the last hunter-gatherers in the Near East
Nigerian soldier sentenced to death for killing civilians
Kano, Nigeria (AFP) Dec 15, 2017
A Nigerian military court on Friday sentenced a soldier to death for killing five civilians rescued from Boko Haram. The soldier, Lance Corporal John Godwin, was convicted by the General Court Martial in Maiduguri, capital of Borno State for killing the civilians in Yamteke town. "The civilians were earlier rescued by troops of the soldier's battalion and were taken for investigation a ... more
Beirut (AFP) Dec 14, 2017
US, Saudi-bought arms from EU fell into IS hands: monitor
Washington (AFP) Dec 16, 2017
Islamic State: What happened to all the foreign fighters?
Libreville (AFP) Dec 16, 2017
Two Danish nationals wounded in Gabon knife attack
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African deforestation not as great as feared
New Haven CT (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
The loss of forests in Africa in the past century is substantially less than previously estimated, an analysis of historical records and paleontology evidence by Yale researchers shows. Previous estimates put deforestation at 35% to 55% on the continent since 1900. The new analysis estimates closed-canopy forests have shrunk by 21.7%, according to findings published Dec. 11 in the journal ... more
Munich, Germany (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Cascading use is also beneficial for wood
New York NY (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
New maps show shrinking wilderness being ignored at our peril
Vancouver, Canada (SPX) Dec 11, 2017
Forests are the key to fresh water
Ocean of Things Aims to Expand Maritime Awareness across Open Seas
Washington DC (SPX) Dec 07, 2017
The internet of things connects an ever-growing number of smart devices for up-to-the-minute monitoring and tracking of many common events. Head out to most parts of the open ocean, however, and no such capability exists for real-time monitoring of maritime activity. DARPA has announced its Ocean of Things program, which seeks to enable persistent maritime situational awareness over large ... more
Durham NC (SPX) Dec 14, 2017
Electromagnetic water cloak eliminates drag and wake
Ottawa (AFP) Dec 7, 2017
Canada rejects Fincantieri-Naval Group warships offer
London (AFP) Dec 7, 2017
Queen inaugurates new 'best of British' aircraft carrier
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